Equality means to me…

We are not perfect in terms of equality. But we work on it. Today we celebrate the achievements of all the women in our company. Read here, how our female Managing Directors personally experience equality.

Gender equality? It never was an issue for me personally, never felt »treated unequal«, but we should stop kidding ourselves and look around us what is really going on; Natalija Zupan, Managing Director EOS KSI Slovenia

In Slovenija 58% of the graduating students are female and in the beginning of their careers there are no significant difference between the genders. Later on you see only 20% of female excecutive  directors and only 5 % female chair the management board. And check the gender pay gap in your country. Women still get paid less for the same job as men.

There is research (Boston Consulting Group, Fortune 500) to prove that companies with mixed leadership teams are more inovative and create 20% more income, have 35% higher ROC, in short are financially more successfull. But obviously these numbers are not enough to generate change because according to the World Economic Forum with the current speed the gender gap would be brigded in 100 years.

For me, equality between men and women means that we need to talk as little as possible about this issue. We all agree that we can bring in our strengths without our gender playing a role. Andrea Stelzer-See, Managing Director EOS Serviceline
It is a about a virtue to understand and respect the effort in one continuous struggle to “fit in”. Katerina Bosevska, Managing Director EOS Macedonia
Competence is not about gender. Courage, stamina and faith live in our hearts, not in the muscles. Personally I believe we are all given the same choices.
Jelena Jović Milentijević, Managing Director EOS Matrix Serbia
For me, equality means that women and men have the same opportunities and that they are free to deal with their own opportunities - without society judging their behavior. Nicole Sichmann, Managing Director EOS Immobilienworkout
What I learned is that success is not defined by gender, but with hard work, commitment and persistence. Equality for me means to be treated with the same respect, following the example of male colleagues from our EOS Family who honour their female colleagues, their Ladies. At the end of the day, we should cherish our differences and enjoy being treated like a Lady! Mirjana Vuković, Managing Director EOS Matrix Bosnia and Herzegovina
In a professional capacity, I believe that managers should rather be divided into successful ones and those who for some reason do not achieve their goals. Of course, gender matters, but whether it's an advantage or an obstacle depends on the context and not as a general rule. Rayna Mitkova-Todorova, Managing Director EOS in Bulgaria

Nothing is unambiguous, and the key to equality is in the understanding of nuances, the integration of good practices and the adaptation of approaches. It is probably surprising, but European statistics puts Bulgaria in Top 3 for women in leadership positions, both in business and in politics. At the same time, EOS is a company that supports women's professional growth and respects their achievements. So, for me personally, the equality is a chance to spread and promote these good practices.

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